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FENNWORLD® sits at the crossroads of storytelling and technology. Humans have told stories since the dawn of time but modern tools present new possibilities. We consult with producers and creatives to merge technological innovation with modern storytelling.

The real and virtual worlds are colliding, resulting in new narrative opportunities. Let us welcome you to a world without constraint, where the gap between ideation and execution rapidly narrows. We’re looking for open-minded storytellers with a passion to leverage the best tools available to create content that breaks boundaries and inspires audiences. If that sounds like you, then welcome to our world.


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What is “Virtual Production”?

From Pre to Post

The ‘virtual’ component of film production starts in pre-production, and offers unprecedented control for DP’s, production designers and other creatives in any style of filmmaking. Locations can be scanned in advance, recreated in 3D and made available to anyone for scouting, lighting, blocking, and more. Production itself is not strictly relegated to LED volumes; even production in the field can leverage a camera-to-cloud workflow that brings 3D set extensions to on-set preview monitors via pixel streamed composites happening off-site. Post production can use 3D assets to tackle complex issues like camera solving and even shoot pickups using the aforementioned 3D-scanned assets at a fraction of the cost (and at higher quality) compared to a traditional production pipeline.

The fields of LIDAR, computer vision, depth mapping, realtime rendering, SLAM (situational awareness), machine learning—these are all experiencing enormous attention from nearly every industry. But in our world of filmmaking, they have the potential to be nothing short of transformative. Application of this tech for both traditional and future storytelling methods is only beginning.

Global Effort

We’re working with partners from around the globe to solve a variety of virtual-production-related problems. Current projects include exploration of several different inside-out-tracking solutions designed to leverage computer vision and IMU-data to provide higher accuracy and greater flexibility to camera tracking, allowing for a tracked, situationally-aware, camera, both on-stage and in the field. We’re bringing this technology into the hands of every storyteller, solving the moiré and spectral problems of LED walls with projection-based techniques that rely on bespoke illumination and polarization solutions to maintain a high standard of image quality. We’re breaking spatial constraints via encoded turntables whose rotation is read by the game engine to create apparently-vast shots in the smallest spaces. Our in-house lighting systems illuminate the real world by “pixel mapping” from the reflected light of the game engine environment for an incredible blending of real and imaginary worlds.

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