10 Reasons to try Blackmagic Resolve

Last updated January 2018

Version 14 is the shiz

Blackmagic’s major overhaul of Resolve’s core code is a very noticeable improvement. It’s faster and more feature-rich.

Canon C200 (almost) works with it natively

Once this camera gets full support (Q1 2018 per Blackmagic) we’ll have a beautiful online/offline camera software combination.

You can shoot Sony

Though this subheading is kind of a joke, the point I’m trying to make is that in 2017 everyone is a colorist (like it or not) and the image-finessing ability of an app is as important as the editorial capability. Resolve is simply worlds ahead of Premiere, Avid, Edius, Vegas, Final Cut, iMovie, or whatever editorial platform you choose to compare it to.

Color management is far simpler when shooting with Sony. S-log2 and S Gamut 3.Cine can be dealt with.

Fusion integration

This one still makes me smile every time I think of it. You kids don’t know what you’re getting in this free software they call Fusion. Now as affordably priced as Resolve for the studio version, you have a VFX powerhouse in your hands.

The Little Things…

Easily edit Magic Lantern DNG files.

Because you know you want to.

Infrared is easy to edit

An obscure, but highly useful feature. The white balance adjustment at the debayering stage allows for a broad enough range to handle infrared.

Take selectors rule

It’s just fun to be able to stack multiple options into one space on a timeline.

Color tools and fast tracker

It was built as a color tool and it shows.