DSLR vs Mirrorless

Historically, digital cameras have used an angled mirror to bounce light coming into the lens into a pentaprism and through an optical viewfinder. This meant that the photographer was looking at the light from the scene directly. It also means the camera physically requires room for the mirror and that the mirror mechanism is one …

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Choosing a lens (Why I Love Sigma) Sigma has become a deserving favorite of many professionals over the past few years with their premium “Art” series. Sigma’s 18–35mm f1.8 and 50–100mm f1.8 lenses are my two most-used lense. I prefer working with zooms (see more below). These two lenses are so good I sold (most …

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Should I Shoot Raw

Raw vs Compressed This topic applies so much to both videographers and photographers alike that I’m hoping this will address some of the confusion. The principles are the same between the video and photo worlds, but the massive data rate of video means a slightly different approach. Raw video is raw sensor data, not designed …

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Camera Control

This holistic approach to camera education applies to both still photography and cinematography. Differences between the two mediums are cited where most applicable. Because the basic idea is the same, and because modern cameras have become a hybrid of equally impressive still and video making machines, this discussion will be general enough to cover both …

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