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Composition Get the camera away from where your eyes would be Get the camera on the ground (beware for females). Angles are interesting Don’t shoot straight on for a shot you want dynamic. Lines lead Leading lines.

Infrared Shooting

I’ve had a fair amount of experience shooting infrared, and with the announcement of Panasonic’s EVA I thought it a good time to share some of that with the internets. Shooting Advice Shoot in crappy light The light that you’re always avoiding–noon exteriors that make your subject look like Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy–that’s …

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How to Use This Site

I’m trying my best to make this an efficient compilation of information that’s easy to navigate, up-to-date and quick to learn from. is tailored toward amateur photographers and filmmakers, though I hope some of the content will be useful to professionals as well. Digital media is so prevalent and so many people ask me …

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