🎬 Gearing Up

Here we look at the most common first question: “What camera do I buy?”.

🎬Hollywood Democratized: explains how lucky you are to live today where high quality gear costs so little. It’s also a great preview of high-end cinema cameras and consumer cameras head-to-head.

Gear Worth Buying: gives my updated list of what represents the best value package of gear for someone starting out in the video/photo world.

The Gearator: a tool I developed for rapid search of the piece of gear you might be interested in hearing my two cents on.

Categories of Camera: gives you a bit of background on camera history and technology including DSLR vs. Mirrorless, and a video vs. photo camera comparison.

How Good Is My Cellphone Camera?: Exactly what it sounds like. Most of the limitations come down to the smaller sensor size in a cellphone.

Sensor Size and Crop Factor: this better explains why sensor size makes a difference and how it practically affects your shot.