🎬 Getting Stuff Made & Seen

Let’s talk briefly about ways you can monetize your photo and/or video hobby if you’re not already doing so. You don’t have to make money off your work, but I get these sorts of questions a lot, so this section addresses everything from getting an idea and developing it to how to fund your idea and get others on board.

Story: Here we look at the basics of creating a good story. Taking a moment to consider some of these narrative-building ideas before starting your project in earnest can lead to a significantly better end result.

Getting Work & Selling Ideas: Here we look at ways to get work should you want to turn a hobby/passion into something professional. It includes practical networking tips, an explanation of loglines, pitches and proposals.

Distribution and YouTube: It’s great to make something, but even better when people actually see it. Here we look primarily at YouTube, the distribution venue open to everyone.