🎬 Music

Music is often the most important element of your “visual” medium.

Jurassic Park Sans Score

A director and composer (and perhaps Producer and Music editor) work together in a “spotting session” where the interplay of music and picture is discussed. The spotting notes developed here will become “cues” that dictate where musical elements will enter.

Alain Rand (Ender’s Game, Elysium) on spotting sessions:


Simple chord structures can create compelling songs. (The following clip contains profanity at the beginning).

Watch Rick Beato build a cue part by part using only 3 chords but with lots of internal variation:

Key: F minor

Chords: F minor, Eb Major, Db Major

ClichΓ© Hollywood Chords

The role of a music editor:


Responsible for all music, not just the score. Will work with editor on temp music.