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🎬 Advanced Audio Editing

Fairlight has some more advanced tools, similar to what you’d find in any other DAW (digital audio workstation) or even on a physical mixer.


Busses are simply paths to AUX tracks. They do handy things like allowing you to set up a global reverb and decide how much of each track you want to send to that reverb. The reverb is set up on the aux track and the bus is the vehicle which takes your sound to that aux track. You have the option to send your track’s signal “pre” or “post” fader.

Sub Groups

You can combine multiple tracks into a single “sub” group, often called a “stem”. This means one fader controls the volume of all tracks at once.

Speaker Sets

Fairlight allows you to map your signal to different sets of speakers. I frequently use one set of hardware for the MAIN output and another for NEAR.

Patch Inputs & Outputs

This panel does all sorts of handy things above and beyond what we’ve already explored.

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