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🎬 Logic Pro

Cmd+Arrows = zoom (horizontal and vertical)
Hold alt to (two finger) swipe left/right or up/down for zoom
Use two fingers to pan around or Ctrl+Shift
Z = zoom to fit selected contents (deselect all and Z to see the whole project)
Ctrl+Alt+Cmd (all three on the bottom) + up/down arrows will zoom one track only (+z to zoom track, or +delete to reset)
Shift+Spacebar will play from what’s selected!
, and . move playhead by bars, add shift for big increments and *ctrl for smaller ones (custom keys for small increment by frame)
I don’t like default values so I set *Shift+;/’ up for small increment navigation
Ctrl+Shift= hand tool (and transition maker)
[ and ] = move between instrument patches in arrange window
/ = Go to timecode
Alt+’ will create markers
β€˜ will show/hide markers up top
Num pad numbers will go to that marker
Shift+’ = Rename Marker
Alt+del = delete marker
Use number keys alone to activate set screen sets. Alt + # key will save current layout as screen set. Ctrl+NumKey allows for even more screensets I think.
Ctrl+Opt+0/m/b/d/t=set nudge value by bar/beat/division or tick (have to 'show toolbar' to see it. You can also right-click the MIDI note to see the nudge option and shortcuts in menu)
Opt+Arrows= nudge region or MIDI.
*Cmd+Alt+Ctrl ,/.//= change β€˜drag mode’ for ripple style editing
Alt+[/] = move (shuffle) region ripple style left/right to fill gaps! But it ignores relative relationship of selected regions.
Delete key near Fn I've set to "Delete and Move" keyboard shortcut which ripples
Alt+Shift will change length of MIDI note!
Cmd+[/] = Alt+[ in AE. It pulls in/out point to playhead!
Cmd+G = snap to grid toggle
Ctrl+Home/End = Move to beginning or end of region/event/thing
; = move to playhead
I = inspector
N=Score Editor
W=Sample Editor
P=piano roll
F= file browser
O = loop browser
a= view track automation
Ctrl+Cmd+Del = delete visible track automation
Ctrl+Shift+Cmd+up/down = move region automation data to track or vice versa. Cool.
*Cmd+Alt+U = Open audio settings
Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+P = Enable AutoPunch
Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+ I/O[ = Set Punch In/Out
Shift+C = select equally colored regions (for editing all of the same type)
J= will merge your various regions on one track into a single midi region (Merge now called β€˜Join’).
Cmd+J will join midi notes together.
Ctrl+B = Bounce in place (useful after multiple segmented recording)
Cmd+U = will set cycle region to selected region! REMOVE CMD FOR β€œROUNDED” LOCATORS
Y= Open Library window
Ctrl+L=convert loops to real copies
Home / End (represented by diagonal arrows) shift window left right
Cmd+T = split by playhead (or use plus β€˜marquee’ tool and click?)
Shift+Cmd+R= show audio files in finder
Cmd+, = preferences
Alt+P = project settings
T = tools key now rather than escape (and in Prefs-Editing I set right click to be a third tool)
Hit β€˜T’ twice to return to default pointer tool. Hit cmd after β€œT” and select the secondary tool by clicking!
V = show/hide all plugin windows!
L=loop selected event
R=repeat (box allows you to choose how many times)
Q= quantize selected event
Ctrl+Cmd+Alt+X = open system performance
C=cycle mode (green bar)
Alt+Shift+D= deselect all
B=smart controls
Opt+Cmd=drag preset or insert to copy to another track
Scissor tool, hold opt and click to divide clip at every quarter note.
Ctrl+E= convert to sampler track, whatever that is.
Ctrl+Shift and drag to create linear transition (must start dragging on clip itself or will pan view) -- THEN, use same modifier keys to alter the transition points and curve. Also works with automation!
Cntrl+N = Create new Aux channel strip!
Shift+A/E/O = Select different channel strips in mixer (e.g. audio, instrument, output)
Ctrl+S = Solo Mode toggle
S= channel strip solo
Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+S= clear recall solo - USEFUL-like clicking big β€˜S’ at top - THIS IS BUGGY SO I MADE IT *F1
Ctrl+M= Mute/Unmute region
M = mute track
Cmd+K = show typing keyboard β€œmusical typing”
Shift+N = rename region
Alt+arrows down/up = move event up and down (add shift for 12 semitone/1 octave move)
Alt drag to duplicate a region. Shift alt drag to make a linked alias.
Piano Roll:
Arrows go between notes or regions
Cmd+. = Discard recording and return to start
Shift+R = Capture last take as recording - (Capture Recording: Makes notes from your previous playing; playhead must be moving while you played notes).
Cmd+. = discard recording and return playhead
*Alt+` = "Collapse mode" where only used MIDI notes are shown sans gaps
Ctrl+M = mute note
Cmd+[ will trim to playhead and ] works too
\ will remove any overlap of selected notes
Shift+\ is β€˜forced legato’ and will fill any gaps
Shift+Alt and drag one of many selected MIDI notes to make length uniform
Podcast Editing:
Ctrl+X = Strip Silence
Delete key (small one) = I've assigned to "Delete and Move" rather than enabling "Shuffle Left" mode.
SHIFT+F selects everything forward of playhead
*Alt+V= Varispeed
Alt+[ = Shuffle Left and will ripple remove all gaps for what's selected! Wow!
Opt+Cmd+N=new track
Cmd+Del = delete track
Ctrl+H = hide track (toggle button per track and at top)
Shift+Cmd+D = Pack all the tracks into one β€œfolder” containing all of them -- Slick. Double click in gray area to exit.
Ctrl+Cmd+U = unpack folder contents to new tracks
G= show global track
Cmd+PgUp/Down = Lock Track
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