🎬 Blender

Use the interactive keyboard database below to learn my recommended set of keyboard shortcuts. Priority indicates how essential they are to know (1 being highest priority). The table will default to sort by 1st priority shortcuts, but feel free to use the search feature to find a specific shortcut or filter the table in any way you’d like. You can print the results (or save them to an eco-friendly PDF) as well.

βŒƒControl   ⇧Shift    βŒ₯Alt    ⌘Cmd   ⇕Scroll   MMB (Middle Mouse Button) *Fenn Custom Key
NavMove along 'local' Z axisZZVery useful for moving the camera 'back' when moving in camera view (g). Press X/Y/Z twice to transform along the LOCAL vs GLOBAL axis.
Constrain to axis keyX, Y or Z(e.g "X" to lock to x-axis) Also press ⇧ to exclude an axis from movement) βŒ₯ pressing any of these will reset that axis
"Spotlight" global search F3instead of spacebar (space now plays)1
Quick Menu Access ⇧ SpaceQuick Menu (menu on the right)
Toggle OverlaysβŒ₯⇧Z
Fill FWill also link nodes (M will "mute" the node) Ctrl+RMB Drag to cut links
Select SimilarShift+GSelect e.g. by similar material
Click to move 3D cursor⇧RMB3D cursor is where new objects are placed. It can also be anchor point for rotating/scaling an object. ⇧S allows you to change the location of the 3D cursor. Left-clicking on an object will snap the 3D cursor to the face of whatever you click on.
Expands/contracts selection⌘+ or ⌘-
Turn snapping on off⇧TabHold CTRL to temporarily toggle snap on/off
Vertex, edge, face selection!1,2,3
Snapping PieβŒƒβ‡§TabStill use Shift+S to move cursor or object
Pivot pie.
Orientation pieUse to swap between 'global' and 'local' orientation
HideHβŒ₯H clears hiding. Ctrl+click the eye icon to hide children. ⇧H solos in object mode.
Draws a β€˜region of interest’ for render.⌘B⌘βŒ₯B cancels region of interest. If you accidentally βŒ₯B it's for seeing cross section of models so just hit same keys again to remove.
Duplicate Linked (change one and all duplicates follow)βŒ₯D
Cmd+L = link properties (you pick which properties) to another object
Shift+L = select by a linked property you specify
Change the views (file browser, 3D View, dope sheet, etc.)⇧FnKeys⌘PgUp and ⌘PgDwn cycles between them
Render ImageF12Esc to exit or F11 to hide1
Render Image Sequence⌘F12
User Prefs⌘,
New Scene⌘N
Add menu ⇧AWorks from anywhere you are in window1
Global/local view/ NumpadLocal shows only selected object
Magic Mouse Operations for NavigationSwipe around for nav; Ctrl+scroll for zoom; Swipe around+Shift for pan; (Alt = middle mouse button when you don’t have one)
Rotates viewMMB
Pan view⇧MMB
Make panel full screenβŒƒSpaceSupposedly adding Alt gives a complete full screen experience
Zooms in and outβŒƒβŒ₯
Shift+C = center cursor and view all
Ctrl+Alt+Q = Quad Panel ViewβŒƒβŒ₯Q
Set opposite view*βŒƒNumpadE.g. if you're viewing from "front" it'll show you from "back"
NUM 0= current camera view0 Numpad⌘0 will set active object as camera
Num 5= perspective/orthographic
Change view to front, left, top, bottomNumpad 1,3,7,9
Rotate view like a joystick around by degrees2,4,6,8~ gives you similar view pie menu
Zoom to selected. NumpadWorks to zoom to what's selected in the outliner too
Soom to fit allHome
Switch between modes (wireframe, solid)Z1
Video Game Camera⇧~
Show properties panel (useful for size info)N
Show tool shelfT
Zoom box⇧B
Border (marquee) select. Middle click and drag will deselect.B
Circle select. Scroll wheel to change range size. Right-click to exit,C
GrabGYou can type the value of movement directly on the keyboard, just hit backspace delete if you don’t want numbers concatanating1
Access Customizable Quick MenuQ
RefreshβŒ₯RUseful for updating re-saved image textures from another application
Activate annotation toolDHold this down for drawing on screen. Use RMB to erase (with scroll to change eraser size this can make for quick erasing of everything since there's no keyboard shortcut to disable the annotation). Currently a bug in Mac OS prevents changing of line thickness.2