🎬 Fusion Basics

Shift+Space = spotlight
F5 = Flow View
F7 = Timeline View
1 = send node to left viewer, 2 to right viewer, 3 to external BM monitor
Cmd+P = pass through (enable) node
Cmd+T = swap fore/background shots
[ and ] or arrow keys = navigate by frame
Shift+arrows goes to farthest left and right beginning and end of comp
Cmd+arrows goes from in to out points of current media
Alt+[ or ] = navigate to previous/next keyframe
Shift+[ = change global in/out point (render in/out points show up shaded and are #’s on the insides)
` = remove all images from views with tilda
Cmd+K = enable/disable on-screen controls
Cmd+arrow keys = minute adjustment of clicked parameter
Cmd+G = group
Cmd+E = expand/collapse group
Shift drag a node to remove from one chain, and shift drag to insert into another chain
A= fit all objects to 3D view
F= Fit selected objects
C = center selected objects in view
Q = translate/move
W = rotate (wotate)
E = Scale
Shift+S = easy ease