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πŸ“· Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Note that holding Shift plus any of these will toggle through their associated tool options.

Cmd+F produces a nifty find window that lets you search for any command or layer by name.

The number keys (on the top of the keyboard and the numpad) adjust opacity. If a tool with opacity control is selected, they adjust the tool’s opacity. If not then they adjust the opacity of the selected layer. Hold shift and tap any of the numbers to specify fill (layers) or flow (brushes).

Use the interactive keyboard database below to learn my recommended set of keyboard shortcuts. Priority indicates how essential they are to know (1 being highest priority). The table will default to sort by 1st priority shortcuts, but feel free to use the search feature to find a specific shortcut or filter the table in any way you’d like. You can print the results (or save them to an eco-friendly PDF) as well.

βŒƒControl   ⇧Shift    βŒ₯Alt    ⌘Cmd   ⇕Scroll   MMB (Middle Mouse Button) *Fenn Custom Key
Show/hide layer (layer visibility)⌘,Finally a Photoshop default though strange that they picked a Mac OS "preferences" shortcut.
Create new layer under current⌘Click
Commits a pen tool selection as a rasterized selection!⌘ Return
Create copy of a layer mask while simultaneously inverting the maskβŒ₯⇧Drag
Change between brush presets, and .
Refine Layer Mask⌘βŒ₯R
*F2 = Rename Layer
Cmd+Space Bar = temp quick zoom
Alt+Shift+Cmd+K = keyboard shortcuts
Shift+Arrow up/down changes field values by 10%
Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+Shift+H = Show/Hide Slices
Decreasing and Increasing Leading (Option + Up or Down Arrow), Tracking (Option + Left or Right Arrow), and Kerning (Option + Shift + Up or Down Arrow).,.,.,.,bb
Shift+Alt+Drag Selection for intersect mode!
**Alt+Shift+Cmd+0 = new window of same document
Cmd+Enter works as a confirmation when you don’t want to click ok. Exit transform mode.
*Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+C = New Curves Adjustment Layer (BTT)
*Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+C = New Curves Adjustment Layer (BTT)
Alt+Shift+N = normal overlay mode (m for multiply s for screen etc)
Layer Masks:
Alt+Shift click layer mask gives you β€˜rubylith’ editing.
*Alt+Cmd+, = New Layer Mask ("Reveal All" AKA White)
*Alt+Cmd+. = New layer mask β€œReveal Selection”
Alt+Cmd+/ = β€œReveal Selection”: Make selection layer mask
------------- =Make selection inverted layer mask
Alt+Cmd+’ = Disable current layer mask
Alt+Cmd+Shift+’ = Delete current layer mask
Alt+Cmd+(U,L,M) - Quick editing hue/sat, curves, levels
Cmd+’ and ; show and hide grids and ruler stuff
Cmd+[/] = move layer order
Alt+[/] = select prev/next layer
cmd + j = paste w/out offset
Double click layer image in layers panel for easy opening of blending options
Cmd+G= group layers
cmd+opt+j = duplicate layer w/ dialog (for renaming)
Alt+Drag a mask to copy to another layer
cmd+shift+f = fade filter
Cmd+Shift+>/< = change text size
Gradient Tool:
. and , will cycle between gradients and brushes
[ and ] will cycle gradient modes
Shift + +/- will change transfer modes
Shift+Delete = Content Aware Fill
Cmd+Shift+Opt+E = Create new layer of all merged
Cmd+E = Merge Up (Merge selected, even non-contiguous layers. Will take on name and location of highest layer.)
Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+Click = HUD color picker
Change UI brightness⇧F1 or F2
Temporary canvas rotationR
Show/Hide Layers PanelF7
CreateRelease a clipping mask⌘βŒ₯G
Make snapshot by alt clicking in history panel βŒ₯Click History⌘βŒ₯Delete will paste it into a newly created layer
Make all caps βŒ˜β‡§KAlso U will underline, B will bold
Adjust Text LeadingβŒ₯↑↓
Adjust Text TrackingβŒ₯←→
Adjust Text KerningβŒ₯⇧↑↓
Cmd+Shift+N = Create new layer
Cmd+D = Deselect
Cmd+Shift+I = Invert Selection
Cmd+0 will fill the current image to your screen size. Cmd+1 will give you a 1:1 pixel view.
Eye dropperI
Healing brushJ
Lasso (hold alt to temporarily toggle polygonal vs freehand)L
Zoom (works as a toggle)Z
Crop (which tool also has a nifty guide for straightening layers)C
Temporary 'hand tool' toggleSpace
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