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Media is all around you. There are many opportunities for work in the creation of digital media content spanning from TV and internet advertising and corporate training, to tentpole Hollywood feature films. We’ll broadly call the latter group fictional narratives. These are enormous machines in the 21st century, costing millions of dollars and employing small populations of crew. There used to be an insurmountable barrier to entry for an everyday person to make a quality-looking video production. Cameras were pricey, required lots of expensive, hot lights, and accessory equipment was quite niche and far from affordable. The gear side of things, both for production and post has now become quite democratized.

The fictional narrative world focuses on building a narrative screenplay from the ground up. It’s content can be anything the imagination can produce, within the confines of budget. The documentary or corporate world is often structured around selling a message or product, and its content must remain within real-world constraints, or at least appear to be true-to-life. These are some common (though not the only) forms of filmmaking. The exciting thing is that much of the technique for creating any type of film has a lot of overlap. Skills that make a narrative film beautiful will also make a documentary beautiful. The exciting thingMuch of the goal of this course is to teach you to make

Modern documentary and commercial work looks more like the narrative Hollywood stuff than ever. We’ll learn to emulate a lot of the aesthetic of narrative productions, and apply a lot of the concepts pertaining to that world on a much smaller scale. It’s an exciting time to create visual content.

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