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Here are a few places on the internet worth checking out. I’m fairly particular about recommending a source so know that these are vetted for a certain level of professionalism and accuracy.

Learn to Learn

  • Vet sources.
  • Talk with professionals. Don’t be afraid to humbly ask questions.
  • Get feedback.
  • Know where you’re going and don’t be afraid to abandon something you don’t like.
  • Problem solve and experiment.
  • Be positive.
  • Copy good art.

Cinematography & Gear

  • Gerald Undone is a pretty thorough source of information, often on the more technical side of gear or video-related processes.
  • DSLR Video Shooter is a good source of utilitarian video tools and tips.
  • Roger Deakins Forum is a place to ask the venerable Mr. Deakins himself how to DP.
  • Cinematography is a great forum for discussing the craft of cinematography.


  • This Guy Edits hosts interviews with some prolific editors and has a lot of good, free content online.
  • Jonny Elwynn has great insights from the world of professional editing.
  • Workflow Guide is a great and growing resource for getting the big picture on how post production fits together.


  • Learn Light & Sound is a great YouTube channel and educational resource, particularly strong in the sound category. Curtis Judd’s reviews are always methodical and well presented.


Rick Beato is the musical king of YouTube. You need a musical foundation to get much from this channel, but Rick’s experience is so wide and his educational capacities so honed that there’s a lot to learn here.


  • Vito’s Con-Fusion is just plain entertaining, especially if you have an interest in learning Fusion for 3D graphics.
  • Lowe Post is affordable and professional VFX training.
  • FxPHD is pricey but has a substantial amount of decent content.
  • Gnomon Workshop recruits very professional trainers for their VFX-related tutorials.
  • VideoCopilot is everyones favorite After Effects resource for visual effects.
  • Steak Under Water is the classic Fusion user group. These are some very nice guys and true professionals.


  • Mixing Light had a bit of a lackluster beginning in my opinion, but it’s grown to become a very good educational resource devoted to color. I don’t like the way they separate their educational offerings into separate categories, but I’ve yet to find a superior alternative.
  • Juan Melara is a working colorist who runs a YouTube channel and online store with products and tips as professional as they are affordable.
  • Miesner Media is a YouTube channel with a mix of decent color tips.
  • LiftGammaGain is a forum filled with professional colorists and some very good advice. Please search before posting.
  • Blackmagic Forums are a great place to interact with the people making the software you use.
  • Warren Eagles’ Color Tour Podcast is a great way to listen to the pro’s talk while you color. I’ve met many of the people Warren interviews and he’s consistently picking some of the best in the industry.


  • NewsShooter is the best source for helpful, accurate, down-to-earth media news.
  • Instagram is a portfolio these days.
  • Facebook is a great way to begin to network with likeminded people, assemble a crew, ask questions, and get your work seen.
  • Pinterest is great for mood boards and just visual inspiration in general.
  • NAB Show is the place to go for a look at upcoming gear, but even more importantly, a place to network.
  • InoReader since it’s hard to stay atop all this.
  • Pro Video Coalition has a lot of general purpose training and updates on the video world.
  • Blackmagic has its own series of fairly useful beginner-level tutorials. And don’t forget the manual πŸ™‚
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