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πŸ“· 🎬 Why FennWorld?

Why FennWorld?

  • You might be here as a mom simply looking to take better photos of your kids, or as an employee hired to make a video for a corporation. The nice thing about our modern era is that the tools necessary for good quality photo and video work are now available to everyone. This site’s primary aim is to fill the ensuing gap in education.
  • I’ve been to film school and teach at film school. Teaching at a university level as well as privately has given me a good idea of students’ most common needs and how to best address them. The biggest benefits of film school are potential access to equipment and crew as you begin your network in a field where success relies on networking. This site cannot replicate that, but as far as information goes, there’s nothing particularly exclusive about a university education that can’t be represented online.
  • I’ve been in this industry for two decades now but I know industry professionals and students alike. I’ve taught hundreds of people the techniques covered on this site. I’ve worked with A-list celebrities and seen the inside workings of major California studios, but I’ve also felt the constraints of no-budget productions and know how to maximize what’s available for the best possible result.
  • I’ve worked in both production and post in a variety of professional capacities. I can honestly say that some smaller organizations are able to function more efficiently. The closer to a one-man-band you get the more you reduce the communication overhead that can plague big productions.
  • I’ve travelled to every continent of this world for photo and film work. It’s been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. My next dream is building an educational resource that finally democratizes the information of higher-end video and photo making.

Why The Course Works

The CORE course is free and contains foundational material necessary for understanding the more intermediate and advanced topics (both free and paid) on the rest of the site. It’s designed to be both lean and iterative. After many years and hundreds of students, I’ve found that how is equally important to what we learn. Effective learning happens through repetition and application, and even elementary concepts can feel quickly “learned” but increasingly understood after years of application. Whenever you complete a project and begin the whole process again, you learn more comprehensively the second time through because you’ve got a sense of the structure and increased ability to more meaningfully place and connect the content you’re learning with the whole. My aim in this CORE course is to provide you with 20% of the information that makes 80% of the difference. Or at least equip you with an understanding sufficient enough that you can Google meaningful questions where you want more depth. This is a basic course, but when I distill things down for the sake of simplicity I still try to keep them accurate.

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