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🎬 Video Cameras

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When you buy a video-specific camera you get these features:

ND filters

Having “Neutral Density” filters built in to the camera is a huge help. These are essentially “sunglasses for your camera” and allow you to cut the amount of lighting entering the camera so you can keep your shutter speed where you want it.

Professional audio inputs

XLR allows for longer runs because it separates positive, negative and ground across three lanes. For much of what students do it shouldn’t matter. It’s also a nice locking connector which is convenient.

Exposure assist functions

Zebras, false color, 

Focus Assist functions

Peaking, magnification, etc. These functions can make focusing on a 3-inch screen much easier.


Easy to hold

Mounting points without additional rigging

EVF (Electronic-viewfinder)

Dedicated buttons for audio gain, 


Many DSLR/Mirrorless cameras support timecode and UB recorded to a file, but they don’t allow for timecode input for “jam-syncing”.

The following features can vary, but generally aren’t specific to one or the other:


Bit depth

Battery life 

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