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The Gearator – A Gear Comparison Tool

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A gear aggregator; a curated list of many of the different tools available for purchase related to the field of digital media. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it’s something I developed for personal use and then started publicizing because it’s helpful. If you want to know what Fenn thinks of a specific piece of gear, this is the quickest way to find out. It’s a high level way to make sense of a lot of options.


ArriAlexa 65Fantastic out-of-box imagePrice
ArriAlexa LF89000, Focus is tougher
BlackmagicBlackmagic URSA Mini 4.6kPoor low light, big and heavy-ish (5lbs) too big for Ronin M, no proxy mode, poor internal color, color inconsistent with luma change.
BlackmagicBlackmagic URSA Mini Pro
BlackmagicPocket Cinema Camera 4kNo EVF, Poor AF,
BlackmagicPocket Cinema Camera 6kGreat codec, menues, picture quality, metadata inputNo EVF, Poor AF, New Camera, Poor Battery
CanonC200ND, DualPixel AF, EVF, Battery Life, Audio Inputs, ProxiesMediocre LCD, No Sensor Stabilization
CanonC700 Full FrameFull frame at high frame rates to external recorder$33,000
FujiXT-30XT-30 is cheaper $700-ish but no IBIS. BUT has 10-bit, APS-C, great AF, great color, good lens choices
PanasonicGX85Fantastic option, IBIS, high IQ, great touch screenno log, no mic input, only 90º screen articulation,
PanasonicG7No IBIS, bigger (DSLR sized), has drive mode dial and focus switch, articulating LCD, mic input, no log but does have Cinelike D and V, great touch screen, no 4k internal and simultaneous HDMI
PanasonicSH1Unprecedented video quality in a mirrorless ILC camera.
PanasonicGH5MFT 'small sensor', poor video AF and low light, great stabilization
RedHelium 8k Epic$30,000
RedMonstro 8k VVVista Vision (close to full frame) sensor$54,000
RedHelium 8k S35S35 sensor
SamsungNX1USB3, NFC,WiFi, BT, h.265No log, no ND
SonyRX100 V
Sonya6400No internal stabilization; 425 Phase- & Contrast-Detect AF Points
,180º LCD, Intervalometer
SonyA73Best hybrid photo/video camera
SonyVeniceInterchangeable sensor, 6 micron pixel pitch, updated color science, support for true 4-perf anamorphic lenses (cropped sensor), standard Bayer sensor, claimed 15 stop DR, 16-bit linear to AXS-R7 recorder and X-OCN for full frame raw 6k (2Gb/sec), native ISO 500, up to 8-stops built-in ND, cons: not a high speed king (only 60fps@Super35); anamorphic 4k and full frame are both paid firware upgrades$40,000
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