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Color Management, Gamut & Gamma (ACES) & LUTs

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All human-visible colors can be described in terms of X,Y and Z.

Colors of the same XYZ values can actually be different spectrally, but will appear identical to a human if those three values match.

Y is how we perceive luminance. Our eye is most sensitive to green.

2.4 gamma actually matches fairly close to human perceived luminance.

Linear is an effects curve used for vfx, you normalize, not linearize a log curve.

9-10 stops immediate dynamic range at one time, but 20 stops available because eye changes dynamically.

ACES encompasses an area larger than the CIE diagram. Its primaries are imaginary, colors we can’t see. But that future-proofs it.

16x16x16 LUT is usually enough points (16 points on each axis)


These FilmLight video say it all:

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