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Color Grading: Creative Color

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Resolve: Color Grading
Cinematographers’ Opinions On Color (These are the people you’re pleasing)

1/100 people have perfect pitch

1/10,000 people have perfect color memory.

Color correction includes two major priorities, one technical, the other aesthetic:
1) Meet the technical demands of the deliverable specification. Values must be within legal range and gamut appropriate to the intended method of distribution.

2) Establish a creative grade or “look” per the demands of the DOP and director.

Node types in DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic Color Training
-Pick an area of the frame that has interesting color and increase saturation.
-Create fields of complementary color.

Complementary Color

Double-click a still to wipe it. Doesn’t work with power grades shared between projects. 

‘g’ adds a flag defaulting to color of flags on edit page but double click to change flag color

Hamburger menu: Convert to bezier for making circular power window editable. From the same menu you can save windows as presets.

Put tape on BlackMagic controllers for quicker muscle memory. You’ll immediately feel the difference in the buttons.

Use the grid view of “clips” in dual screen as a “split” feature to compare adjacent shots. It’s quicker than wiping.

Use the “prev memory” button on the BM mini panel

Hamburger Dots on the viewer window enable you to “gang” the relationship between the selected clip and the timeline reference wipe clip. This can be convenient when you’re frequently trying to compare to the previous clip.

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