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NLE Setup

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The Database

You must create a disk database on your external hard drive. You’ll reconnect to this if you move to a different computer.

Project Settings

As of Resolve 16, you can now change the resolution of individual timelines within a project, but you can define the default resolution in Project Settings (Shift+9). Deliverables can still render at “source resolution.” Scaling is a project preference. Timelines and media are separate in Resolve; a much more scalable approach.

Setting Media Locations

  • Cache Files – Simple things like audio waveforms can’t be drawn if this directory isn’t selected
  • Captures
  • Optimized Media
  • Auto-saves

Playback preferences for underpowered systems.

Exporting a Project

It’s still possible to cmd+e export a project file from Resolve. Or right-click in the project window you see when Resolve opens and export the project from there.

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