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Unfortunately the school computers have a (very) outdated version of MacOS so I can’t show you the cool syncing features of Resolve 16. Check them out here.

The sync bin will show the clips from the cameras on a shoot all stacked by camera number and the viewer will transform into a multi view so you can see what options you have for clips that sync to the shot in the timeline. The sync bin uses date and timecode to find and sync clips, and simply by using metadata and locking cameras to time of day, you can same time in the edit. Remember that the sync bin will show you everything below the current folder you’re in (meaning you see that folder and all its sub-folders).

If you are using shots from cameras without timecode then the new sync window lets you sort and sync clips from multiple cameras. The sync window supports sync by timecode and it can also detect audio and sync clips by sound. All clips that have been synced will display a sync icon in the media pool so you can tell which clips are synced and ready for use. Manually syncing clips using the new sync window allows workflows such as multiple action cameras to use new features such as source overwrite editing and the new sync bin.

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