How to Use This Site

I’m trying my best to make this an efficient compilation of information that’s easy to navigate, up-to-date and quick to learn from. is tailored toward amateur photographers and filmmakers, though I hope some of the content will be useful to professionals as well. Digital media is so prevalent and so many people ask me daily for advice on shooting both video and photography, that I wanted to provide a resource that I can refer people to. The point of this will be to involve only the necessary amount of technical explanation and focus on results-driven, applicable information. Taking on the filmmaking and photography world in a single site is ambitious, but many of the principles overlap. I’m motivated by the fact that so many people already have an awesome video/stills camera but don’t know how to properly use it for either.

Content is Current

This is not a post-and-forget-it site. One of my biggest beefs with the internet is that outdated information is left to fester instead of being properly cleaned up. Please leave me comments or contact me directly if you see any information that is outdated, inaccurate, or overly dogmatic. I’d love for this to be more than my own rambling, but a crowd-sourced repository of useful and updated information.

The Gist Won’t Be Missed

The opening paragraph will always contain my elevator-pitch one-paragraph summary of what you should take away from the article. Only bother reading the rest if you no pressing social engagements. The remaining subheadings should contain summaries of the contents of their respective paragraphs, so only read the ones that pertain to you. Occasionally I’ll be tempted to sacrifice accuracy of the subheading for alliteration or rhyme (or horrible puns now that I’m a father), but I’ll really try to restrain myself.