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🎬 Welcome

Before diving in, this single lesson will give you a few quick productivity tips and help make your course experience efficient. Section headings (like the “Welcome” one you’re in now) provide a basic overview of what you can expect to find within each of the section’s various topics. Since these bulleted list points summarize the …

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🎬 Gearing Up

Here we look at the most common first question: “What camera do I buy?”. 🎬Hollywood Democratized: explains how lucky you are to live today where high quality gear costs so little. It’s also a great preview of high-end cinema cameras and consumer cameras head-to-head. Gear Worth Buying: gives my updated list of what represents the …

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📷 🎬 Exposure

Exposure is simply how much light you ‘expose’ to your image sensor. It’s the essence of what makes a photograph and for that reason it’s a topic we’ll frequently revisit. Three parameters affect the brightness or darkness of your image: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. This “exposure triangle” is important to understand well enough that …

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