Welcome to class!

Class Rules

  1. Contact me through Canvas.
  2. Check the Canvas calendar often. It may change during the course of the semester but it’s the quickest way to see where we’re at.
  3. Submit assignments through Canvas. Do not e-mail them. Do not hand-deliver them. Do not post them to your MySpace account. Submit assignments through Canvas. Follow the instructions of the specific assignment but deliverables will generally be through a YouTube link. Make sure the link is publicly visible (upload as “unlisted”) and doesn’t require being logged in. A good way to check this is by copy/pasting the URL into a new “incognito window” (cmd+shift+n if you’re using Google Chrome).
  4. No late assignments will be accepted. For reals. Like really. Stop asking. Extra credit is available because life happens to all of us, but late work is generally not an option in the real world. Canvas will auto-assign anything late as a “0” score and if Canvas says it’s late it is late. Leave a buffer to makes sure to avoid technical problems. They will happen and they aren’t an excuse. Do not postpone rendering something until the last minute. I will grade the version that is uploaded on time to Canvas. I will refer you to this paragraph if you turn in late work.
  5. It’s likely you’ll have an absence or two because…life. I don’t want sick people coming to class but I also don’t want lazy people skipping class. Don’t let me know in advance that you’ll be gone because, honestly, I can’t do much about it. If I could condense hours of class material into a brief e-mail I would, but there’s a reason you need to be here. I’ve found using this web platform to be the easiest way of staying on the same page. It, in conjunction with the Canvas calendar, will help you know where we’re at when you’re gone. Please, at the very least, review the content covered while you were absent and ask a peer what else was discussed upon your return. I expect every student to have the occasional medical emergency, family event, etc. I have easy extra credit assignments built in to the course precisely for this. That said, if you have something going on that means you’ll be repeatedly absent, do talk to me if you’re concerned with your grade; but for an occasional sickness or work-related absence please don’t ask me to attempt to summarize class in an e-mail.
  6. If you are late to class do not ask me if I’ve taken attendance unless you want to be marked absent for the rest of the semester. Just be on time next time. As mentioned, a couple absences won’t kill your grade.
  7. There are no books required in this class but we will highly recommend some for further study. However, you are required to have an external hard drive for storing files related to this class. Make sure to have at least 500GB of space and, at minimum USB 3.0. These can be had for less than $50. It is your responsibility to make sure it works with the school computers. “Mac OS” formatted is simplest way to format. It uses Mac’s native file system which won’t work on Windows computers which use the NTFS file system. If you need to use a drive between Mac and Windows the simplest solution (while not as robust) is to format as ExFAT using DiskUtility on a Mac. The lab computers should have software called “Paragon” that allows write access to NTFS drives but it hasn’t been working lately. You won’t be able to format an NTFS drive using DiskUtility (since you have no write access) so format as ExFAT from a PC.
  8. Participate in Cineskype, Film Club, etc. Network with people here before they’re famous.