My Kids Could Be President

Halloween got a bit out of control this year when we couldn’t decide who to vote for. We really deliberated quite a bit on which candidate is worse than the other and I ultimately decided to write the kids in. This inspired me to realize the many similarities between my young kids and our political front-runners. So I made this simple video to highlight both the shocking similarity and the unfortunate situation of our country. Enjoy.


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From YouTube:

As November 8, 2016 approaches and we all find ourselves wondering what happened, I realized our kids could probably compete with our current options for president. I’ll be happy to write them in on election day and have made this little video to encourage you to consider doing so too. At the very least we got Halloween costumes out of the endeavor. Enjoy the startling likeness between Baby Trump and Baby Hillary and their older representatives. Learn about Baby Trumps plans for the southern border, and witness firsthand the e-mail scandal that rocked Baby Clinton’s campaign.

I haven’t traditionally done videos like this on YouTube, but if it’s something you like, show by commenting, liking and subscribing and I’ll consider doing more. It was certainly buckets of fun to make and I wouldn’t mind continuing the trend…

Thanks to Baby Trump, Baby Clinton and royalty free contributors:

This video uses these sounds from freesound:
“News Signature long” by mansardian:…

Gear used:
Sony A7Rii
Flolight Bladelight (Green)
Aputure Lightstorm LS1
Yongnuo YN360
Dfuse Collapsible Softbox

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Blackmagic Resolve
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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects

My Kids Could Be President – Baby Trump vs Baby Clinton
Too much fun for Halloween