NAB 2017 Synopsis

I very much enjoy my visits to Vegas each Spring and this NAB was spectacular.

Blackmagic Resolve 14 Will Be Awesome (Once out of Beta)

I honestly hate putting such “headlining news” on my list. Resolve 14 has sort of been over covered at this point, but, in all honesty, it deserves it. Blackmagic does in the space of a year what it takes Adobe a decade to accomplish.

I had several software engineers standing by taking notes as I used their software and reported my feedback. Never seen that at the Adobe booth.

The biggest advantages for me will be h.264 (specifically XAVC-S) playback on my laptop. Curiously I get better performance with Resolve 14 beta on my laptop than on my superior-specced desktop with long-GOP codecs.

The other notable addition is that of Firelight. This section still feels very much in beta phase, but Resolve will soon be a very competent audio editing solution.

Oh, and it’s only $300 now. They give more and charge less.

I can’t wait until Siggraph to see Fusion 9 🙂

YoYottaID is Affordable Asset Management Software

What do you use to index the LTO archive? This looked like a really decent DAM for the money. Complete with an eccentric developer. But there’s a lot of stuff that’s been more relegated to the higher prices of CatDV that he’s built into this software I’d never hear of. You can download the demo and try it out, but you can use it as a production tool for ingest, duplication with checksum and all. What I really like is the keywording everything on ingest so it’s searchable by anyone via a web interface (web interface pending) and then when the media is offline you use proxy thumbnails to create a pull request to your LTO system and even do R3D trims or rewrap common video files for trims. And the base software is super cheap (I think like $250 or something and then another $400 for the LTO option add-on, no subscription).

ArgyllCMS ColorMeter App

I’ve written about this here, but this NAB I was really able to put it to use. See me video bombing NewsShooter’s coverage of Ledgo at the show.

Falcon Eyes LEDs

Can you say affordable? These lights measure pretty well for the price.

Fotodiox Flapjacks

I’ve enjoyed these enough that I bought one and requested a sample of another and have a complete writeup here.

Nanguang via Zylight

$1350 for CN-200F from China

$2000 from Zylight*

My lower CRI one was like $300+$70 Aputure Fresnel 🙂 Compare output.

The NanGuang CN60F LED was the one Wolfcrow compared to the Aputure 120d. It was only a $400 light at the time (Zylight is carrying the same CN60F for $680USD.

CAME TV vs NanGuang vs Aputure will be the 2017 light showdown.

CAME TV Boltzen 30W ($260) 55W ($300) detachable, Sony batteries, Bowens

Yongnuo too

Aputure LS-C20 vs NanGuang CN60F vs Boltzen 55W ($300)


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Aputure has a little 20c (which is bicolor and ‘d’ for daylight) (probably draws max 20 Watts) for around $200 estimated. 2017 Q2.

This is actually quite useful:


SWIT S-8972 Sony NP-F970 batteries with built-in meter and DC out! $90 on BHPhoto. Which is just under the Sony brand ones but about 4x the cheeps.

Up to about 200Watt LEDs will run off a V-mount.