Should I Shoot Raw

Raw vs Compressed This topic applies so much to both videographers and photographers alike that I’m hoping this will address some of the confusion. The principles are the same between the video and photo worlds, but the massive data rate of video means a slightly different approach. Raw video is raw sensor data, not designed…

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NAB 2017 Synopsis

I very much enjoy my visits to Vegas each Spring and this NAB was spectacular. Blackmagic Resolve 14 Will Be Awesome (Once out of Beta) I honestly hate putting such “headlining news” on my list. Resolve 14 has sort of been over covered at this point, but, in all honesty, it deserves it. Blackmagic does…

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All About Blender

All About Blender %%Video Outline This is the 3D software I can never escape. I remember very distinctly being in middle school the first time someone showed me Blender? “And it’s free?” I asked incredulously. The concept of open source software wasn’t yet familiar to me. I started with 3Ds Max, a version I unintentionally…

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