Stage Kids -Color Looks

“Stage Kids” Color Renderings

The page may take time to load due to full-size images. For a better look at details such as grain and noise structure, right click and open the image in a new tab. If viewing on a phone, landscape mode is generally best. Feel free to pick desired attributes across a variety of the below looks, e.g. you may like the contrast or black point of one with the filmic color rendition of another. Enjoy.


The above look emulates the 3-strip Technicolor process. It employs a reduced, but vibrant palette, vintage feel, grain, halation, and a general film-aesthetic.


This look emulates the early Technicolor ‘2-strip’ process. It’s a very distinctive look with an unapologetically simple palette and works best on some of the wider shots and definitely conveys an era.


This provides an option with much less contrast and an increased atmospheric mood. Weylie’s shots at the opening and closing of the film can still lean towards this style to offset the ‘loudness’ of Sophia’s visual palette.


This is a less affected look with some filmic properties but less artistic interpretation–a generally-agreeable dramatic look.


It’s also helpful to see a less-processed image without the filmic attributes applied to the above, as a point of reference or as a look of its own. Also, the above imagery loses a lot of warmth which the DP likely intended (a lower Kelvin white balance was used on set). We can recovery some of that warmth by adjusting the white point of the film emulation in the above shots, so let us know if the shots below are indicative of the desired final white balance or exactly how much of that warmth you prefer.

Thank you.