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📷 🎬 Other Resources

Here are a few places on the internet worth checking out. I’m fairly particular about recommending a source so know that these are vetted for a certain level of professionalism and accuracy. Learn to Learn Vet sources. Talk with professionals. Don’t be afraid to humbly ask questions. Get feedback. Know where you’re going and don’t …

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📷 🎬 Why FennWorld?

Why FennWorld? It seems to me that at some point most human beings have wanted to be a photographer or make a video about something. Sort of like how everyone considers writing a novel or starting a podcast. Whether it’s a mom wanting better shots of her kids, an employee thrown into making videos for …

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💡 📷 🎬 Bit Depth

Bit depth refers to the size of the binary digit used to store a color value. The higher the number, the more granular the value stored. Bit depth is not dynamic range. In other words, your blackest black and whitest white do not change with bit depth. The “range” of colors doesn’t even necessarily change. …

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📷 🎬 What is Good Color?

For both video and photo work, knowing how to develop an eye for pleasing color choice is a skill worth honing. When we talk about color in post, we’re talking about taking the existing color and contrast in the image captured from the camera and tweaking it in some way. Sometimes that’s simply to normalize …

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📷 🎬 Talent & Location Releases

For any project, it’s important to have proper permission from anyone recognizable on camera. Location Release You need to have a release that both guarantees permission has been granted for you to film at your location and which releases the location owner from liability should someone be injured in the course of filmmaking. Talent Release …

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