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πŸ“· 🎬 Dynamic Range

This term simply describes how much contrast your camera can see. I used to be way more into dynamic range tests in the past, but two major things changed: Cameras improved immensely. Where the dynamic range used to matter because it affected the end result image in a dramatic way the modern differences are far …

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🎬 Categorizing Cameras

Hybrid Cameras The so-called “hybrid” camera does both photo and video well and is generally the type of camera I’ll always recommend on a site like this. It provides massive value and convenience at very little cost to image quality. Dedicated Video Cameras When you buy a video-specific camera you get these features at the …

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🎬 Useful Tips

This course is designed to be both lean and iterative. After many years and hundreds of students I’ve learned a thing or two about education itself. Effective learning happens through repetition and application, and even elementary concepts can feel quickly “learned” but increasingly “understood” after years of application. Whenever you complete a project and begin …

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