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πŸ“· 🎬 ISO

Don’t worry about memorizing it, but this acronym stands for International Standards Organization and it’s the third component of the exposure triangle. You may also be familiar with the similar term “ASA” if you shot film. The easiest, and most common (albeit imperfect) way to explain this is that ISO is “the sensitivity of the …

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πŸ“· 🎬 Shutter

Just like shutters on a window, your camera has a shutter which opens and closes to allow a certain amount of light to hit the sensor. Your shutter is controlled by a time value and is simply the amount of time the sensor is “open” to the light. Obviously the longer you leave the shutters …

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πŸ“· 🎬 ADC: Availability-determined Creativity

ADC “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Someone “Creativity craves constraint.” Someone else “Creativity is inversely proportional to the amount of tools you have to work with.” Equally uncitable The quotes above reflect a common theme; it’s one I’m terribly enthused by and a concept I term “Availability Determined Creativity”, or ADC since everyone loves …

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🎬 Sensor Size and Crop Factor

Your lens projects its circular image onto your camera’s sensor. The image circle could be smaller or larger than your sensor–the lens doesn’t care. So what would happen if your sensor is significantly smaller than the image circle projected by the lens? You’d see only the center of the image. And vice versa, what happens …

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