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Why FennWorld? It seems to me that at some point most human beings have wanted to be a photographer or make a video about something. Sort of like how everyone considers writing a novel or starting a podcast. Whether it’s a mom wanting better shots of her kids, an employee thrown into making videos for …

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🎬 Production Tips

Test everything before going into production Assume something will go wrong. That could be a location issue, someone not showing up, weather, breakage of equipment/props/set dressing. Be prepared to problem solve on your feet. It’s the sum of many small things done right that make the difference between amateur and pro media. Do a ‘virtual …

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ACES is a standard designed to future proof this business of color management. ACES encompasses an area larger than the CIE diagram. Its primaries are imaginary, colors we can’t see. But that future-proofs it. ACES

πŸ’‘πŸŽ¬ Log

Now that you understand LUTs and gamma, let’s talk about log. First of all, log is a very exciting thing for several reasons. It’s an efficient way to capture a lot of high quality detail and maintain a huge amount of post production flexibility. It is not designed as a visual aesthetic but rather a …

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πŸ’‘πŸŽ¬ Multi-Cam Sync

If you’ve shot multiple cameras on the same action, you’ll want to get that lined up. Resolve’s Cut Page Avid is still important to learn if you want to assistant edit in Hollywood, but after seeing the simplicity of Resolve’s cut page these options feel unnecessarily complex for many projects. Pick the right tool for …

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🎬 Resolve Setup

Visit Resolve’s download page at BlackMagic Design’s site and make sure to download the non-Studio (AKA free) version unless you have a Resolve license. The license can be purchased online (preferable to purchasing via Apple’s app store). A Resolve license also comes with the purchase of most Blackmagic cameras. If you’ve purchased Fusion in the …

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🎬 NLE Overview

NLE Overview Historical context is useful in many situations, and definitely so when it comes to Non-Linear Editing software. I get many questions like “Why does Hollywood use Avid?” or “Why Is Premiere Becoming Increasingly Unstable?”. I can’t answer these questions entirely, but I think a look at the broader picture is most useful in …

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