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πŸ’‘Color Management, Gamut & Gamma & LUTs

We’ve talked a bit about gamuts and determined that we have quantifiable ways of representing color digitally. Color management is nothing more than translating between different these different standards to ensure the correct color is represented at the correct point in the signal chain. So What’s a Gamut?

πŸ’‘πŸ“· 🎬 Inverse Square Law

Why is this important? Consider the following scenario: If our talent is sitting on a couch in front of a cream colored wall and we have no contrast, how can we make the wall darker? By moving the light closer.

🎬 Lenses

Does My Lens Matter? A lens is the optical funnel through which your camera captures light. It is a very important tool. Generally the two most important considerations when buying a lens are: FOCAL LENGTH This directly translates to the “field of view” of the lens or “how zoomed in it is”. Obviously this will …

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