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📷 🎬 Composition

Composition tutorials too often end up belaboring a concept known as the “Rule of Thirds” and neglect to teach how to make good photos. Here are a few other things I’d suggest considering: Focal Point First and foremost, know where your focal point is. You’d be surprised how simple this seems but how often students …

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📷 Drive Modes

Single Frame Shoots a single frame, no matter how long you hold the shutter button down. Burst Shoots multiple frames for as long as you hold the shutter down and until the camera’s buffer is filled. Timer Waits a user-specified period of time before triggering the shutter. Bracket Takes a series of images at different …

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📷 🎬 In-Camera Metering

Now, it’s great to have the camera be able to determine exposure for you, but this isn’t always the best plan. The camera, smart as it may be, still isn’t as smart as you, and for the most part it doesn’t know what specifically it’s photographing. It also doesn’t know the artistic intent that you …

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📷 Intro to Photoshop

Learning a couple basic skills in Photoshop can make a huge difference: Crop Dodge and Burn Cleanup Color Theory Pumping saturation or vibrance up never looks great and it’s not what you want. Saturation is not just a “better” slider. Pick two complementary colors and just try making large fields of your image predominantly influenced …

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📷 🎬 Lighting Gear

With an understanding of the parameters of light, let’s talk application. First and foremost, you don’t necessarily need any “lighting gear” to get great shots. So much fantastic work has been done with simply ‘natural light’. Procure something light to bounce light (e.g. poster board, tablecloth, etc.) or something dark to absorb it and you’ve …

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📷 Exposure Control and Modes

Now that you’re well-versed in exposure theory, let’s dive in to putting to practice. Your camera will have at least one scrolling wheel which can be assigned to control your aperture and/or your shutter. Generally speaking, most full frame cameras will have dedicated dials for aperture and shutter speed. Note that when using a ‘manual’ …

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