DGM 1520 High-level look

This class now has considerably fewer assignments and quizzes. Instead, we hope you’ll come away with something worth showing. Here’s how it breaks down:

Module 1: Interview

  1. Using good questions, interview a subject and transcribe the entire conversation.
  2. Create a “radio edit”, crafting a good story from the interview recording.
  3. Add photos to create visual interest.

Module 2: How-to Video

Here you’ll create a single video demonstrating how to create or accomplish a topic of your choosing. You’re mainly judged here on well you use the visual artistic tools available to you (e.g. composition, exposure, multiple angles) to accurately and effectively show the process in a visually pleasing way.

Module 3: Final Corporate or Documentary Project

  1. Individually, everyone comes up with their own idea. Create a treatment and pitch it to the class. You’ll be grouped into teams and we’ll go with the most popular ideas.
  2. As a group, create a proposal (or a more fully developed treatment if creating a corporate piece)
  3. Individually, create a ~10 minute rough cut (~5 minutes for corporate piece). These will be presented and graded one-on-one in class so I can provide individual feedback. This is an exported render of your project, not the project inside the NLE.
  4. As a group, turn in a nearly-fine edit. This is where the notes will become more picky and you MUST have a copy of the edit in the NLE of your choice in class.
  5. As a group, turn in your final cut. This will be graded on the more advanced topics we’ll have covered by this point in time (final sound mix, good color correction, final titling, etc.). There is a “production book” that has to be turned in as well. Start transcribing your interviews early.